Power tools for saving money on your AWS spend


DuckTools gives you apps to solve specific problems, not just an endless maze of dashboards. If you get a headache just thinking about your cost management tool, you should take a look.


Why choose DuckTools for
your AWS Cost Optimization?


DuckTools are power tools for understanding your AWS spend.

Each DuckTools app is a focused tool to let you confidently solve a specific cost management challenge. No more getting lost in a maze of dashboards!

We’re launching with two DuckTools Apps with many more planned. These apps are simple, highly focused, and easy to use. They’re not a panacea; they’re what we use internally on our consulting engagements at the Duckbill Group.

And we’re making them available to you.

Here’s why we love and recommend DuckTools for your AWS Cost Optimization — and why we love using DuckTools internally at the Duckbill Group.


Predictable Costs

You buy a cost management tool to understand and predict your costs, but percent-of-bill pricing makes your costs harder to predict. Plan safely with DuckTools fixed monthly pricing.


Pay only for what you need

Most companies use less than 10% of what other cloud cost tools provide.  Stop paying for huge swaths of unused functionality.  DuckTools’ focused apps let you select and pay for only the tools to give you value.


Replace your Reserved Instances with confidence

Experts recommend Savings Plans over Reserved Instances for almost all use cases. Browse your expiring reservations and see what commitment levels would replace your actual real-world Reserved Instance usage.


Pick the right Savings Plan commitment

Explore your historical compute spend and simulate different savings plan commitments.  See what various commitments would have worked in your environment, and let us recommend the optimal commitment for a given time period.


Meet The First Two DuckTools’ Apps


We’re excited to share DuckTools and its first two apps —
Savings Plan Calculator and RI Migrator — with you. For now,
check out these two short demo videos of the apps in DuckTools.

Meet Savings Plan Calculator

One of the biggest frustrations our clients have with Savings Plans is determining and modeling the right commitment level for a Savings Plan purchase.

Our calculator handles arbitrary data ranges, a full visualization, and sliders to help customers do scenario modeling and find the commit they’re most comfortable with. And in case you’d rather just have the answer without any fiddling, we also calculate the best hourly commitment based on your usage and appetite for spend.

Meet RI Migrator

Savings Plans are a total game changer for AWS customers, but the migration story from Reserved Instances to Savings Plans leaves a lot to be desired. (The official recommendation from AWS is to let your RIs expire, wait a week for the Savings Plan Recommendation to populate, and then buy the recommended commit. This is horrible.)

Our RI Migrator solves this by looking at all RIs set to expire in the next seven days and calculates the exact Savings Plan hourly commit needed to replace it, allowing customers to purchase the correct Savings Plan the same day the RI expires, so no money is ever wasted.


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